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My Tenets

For Health


Recognizing that each person has unique nutritional needs and tailoring recommendations accordingly.

Eat Real Food

Emphasizing the importance of consuming unprocessed, nutrient-dense, whole foods.

Address Foundations First

Addressing the root cause to give the body an opportunity to regain optimum balance.

Mind-Body Connection

Understanding the influence of the mind on physical health and incorporating practices to support it.

What’s Latest on the Blog

HTMA: Your Personalized Wellness Blueprint

HTMA: Your Personalized Wellness Blueprint

If you're a woman on a quest for improved health and vitality, you may be privy to the concept of "functional lab testing." Perhaps you've heard the buzz on social media, or have had a practitioner...

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Why Digestion Matters

Why Digestion Matters

When most people think of being "healthy," likely the first things that come to mind are diet and exercise. And while those are both important, there is another factor that is equally important, and...

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